Communications Committee


The Communication Committee identifies current issues that bear on the use of risk science. The Committee aims to help inform SRA members, policymakers, state legislative bodies and others about the use of risk science to inform evidence-based decisions. The Communication Committee assists the Council in managing external communications activities to promote the society, serve the needs of the membership, and assist in making the membership aware of important Society information. The Committee works closely with Big Voice Communications, the public relations agency currently under contract with SRA.


A member of the Society‚Äôs Council will chair or co-chair the Committee. Any other member of the council is welcome to participate as a member of the committee either as a permanent member of the Committee or for a specific time period to support a Committee activity. The Communications Committee seeks to foster inclusion and diversity. Therefore, we would like to encourage SRA members from all over the globe and from all Specialty Groups to participate in Committee activities and bring in their expertise. We especially encourage students and young risk professionals to engage with the Communications Committee. 


Specific activities of the Communications Committee include to:

  • Help educate SRA members about key policy issues bearing on risk science (e.g., links to science policy web pages and training sessions for SRA members and the larger scientific community);
  • Help improve the ability of SRA members to communicate effectively with stakeholders on risk issues; and
  • Help inform policy makers and others that risk analysis is a science that is key to informed decision-making. 

A key goal is to ensure that key stakeholders turn to risk science to analyze and manage risk. It does so by helping foster understanding about the benefits of risk science and by helping building trusting relationships between risk scientists and stakeholders.