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Conferences and Workshops

FAQ’s for workshop organizers.

Committee Policies

How to Submit an Annual Meeting Workshop Proposal:

Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions

To submit a workshop proposal, please complete the form available HERE. This form includes space for you to describe your workshop objectives, proposed instructor(s), target audience, and proposed syllabus.

Proposal Selection Process

All workshop proposals will be reviewed by the SRA Workshops Annual Meeting Committee. The committee will select up to 12 workshops to be offered. Selection criteria will include the following:

*Relevance to SRA Membership
*Clarity of workshop objectives
*Clarity of skills and knowledge that participants will gain
*Organizers’ proposed plan for recruiting participants
*Qualifications of the workshop organizers to deliver the proposed content

Organizers of workshops selected for potential inclusion in the Annual Meeting program will be notified no later than July 1. Please note that once a workshop is accepted, final approval to offer the workshop is contingent on having a sufficient number of enrolled participants to cover the workshop costs. Workshops with fewer than 3 half day or 5 full day enrolled participants by October 30, 2020, will be cancelled. Organizers are responsible for advertising their proposed workshop as widely as possible to ensure sufficient enrollment.


Each workshop be supplied with a screen, cart, projector, and three power strips at no cost to the organizer. Costs of additional equipment will be deducted from the compensation provided to workshop organizers. Coffee break(s) are also included at no cost to the organizer.

Workshop Fees

Workshop tuition fees will be standardized by SRA. For 2020, these fees will be $225/$275 for a half-day workshop, and $400/$450 for a full-day workshop (prices are early bird/onsite).

Financial Compensation

Contingent on meeting minimum enrollment requirements, workshop organizers will receive $100 per enrolled participant for a half-day workshop and $180 per participant for a full-day workshop. Any remaining funds will be provided to SRA to cover the cost of the workshops and to offset annual meeting costs. Organizers may offer their share of the financial compensation to the Specialty Group(s) of their choice, or to funds supporting student travel to the Annual Meeting.

In addition, organizers of any workshop meeting minimum enrollment requirements will receive up to three (3) complimentary (non-transferrable) registration for the SRA Annual Meeting. Additional organizers (beyond three) will be allowed to register for the conference at early-bird rates. 

If you have specific questions, please email us at WorkshopProposal@SRA.org.

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How to Co-Sponsor an Event with SRA:

The Society for Risk Analysis welcomes opportunities to co-sponsor events organized by other organizations.  Co-sponsorship provides event organizers with a means of reaching a wider audience.  It helps SRA provide additional opportunities for professional education and networking to its member.  

SRA co-sponsorship is non-financial.  We publicize co-sponsored events on the SRA website and in quarterly communications to SRA members.  We ask event organizers to acknowledge SRA co-sponsorship, use the SRA logo on event materials and provide information about SRA (which SRA will provide) to event attendees. 

Application Guidelines:

Please use this form to apply for SRA co-sponsorship for your event. The Information you provide will help SRA determine whether your event is an appropriate one for co-sponsorship. We are interested in whether:

  • The event would be of interest to SRA members
  • The objectives for the event are consistent with SRA objectives
  • The meeting is open to anyone who is interested to attend

We generally reach a decision on co-sponsorship within 3-4 weeks. SRA reserves the right to choose which events will be featured on its website. If you have additional questions, please email events@sra.org