Executive Committee

A four-person Executive Committee is established in the draft bylaws of the Applied Risk Management Specialty Group, as defined in the first four rows of the table below. The draft bylaws define a process for voting on Executive Committee. The table below presents the current office holders. 

Executive Committee



Chair (1)

Willy Røed

Secretary (2)

Patricia Larkin

Chair-Elect (3)

Patricia Larkin

Past Chair (3)

John Lathrop


1) Chair: Chair an Annual ARMSG Meeting at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis, manage or conduct the selection of papers submitted for oral presentations, symposia, roundtables and posters at each Annual SRA Meeting, including the organization of oral presentations into sessions and the selection of a chair for each of those sessions, execute the duties of the Chair specified in Section IV.C below concerning elections, conduct the selection of the annual Student Award, and take other actions requested by the ARMSG’s officers or that are in the interest of the ARMSG.

2) Secretary: Maintain a record of actions of the ARMSG’s officers and the ARMSG Business Meeting, and communicate relevant information to the ARMSG membership.

3) Chair-Elect and Past Chair: The Chair-Elect or the Past Chair may stand in for the Chair at a meeting should the Chair be unavailable. Additionally, these two officers will collaborate to:

a.     Coordinate and encourage the development of symposia for the annual meeting,
b.     Solicit and track ideas for presentations at open teleconferences,
c.     Ensure active use of an Applied Risk Management users group as a subgroup on the SRA LinkedIn site, and
d.     Conduct other promotional activities of the group.