HEI Diesel Exhaust Epidemiology Workshop

The HEI Diesel Epidemiology Panel will hold its full-day public workshop on Thursday, March 6, 2014, in Boston, MA to discuss the National Cancer Institute/National Institute of Occupational Health Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study (DEMS) and studies of U.S. trucking industry employees and their findings on the associations between occupational exposures to diesel and the risks of lung cancer. Registration details can be found on the website

6 Mar 2014

NIOSH Carcinogen Policy Meeting

This photo was taken 900 feet underground in a bituminous coal mine. The coal miner in the photo is spraying rock dust (primarily calcium carbonate). Rock dust is used to reduce the combustible fraction of coal dust in the air. We were at the mine for a health hazard evaluation (2009-0085) of coal miners’ exposures to respirable dust and silica during rock dusting. (from NIOSH Flickr site).
16 Dec 2013