I. Name and Purpose of Specialty Group

The name of the group is the Economics and Benefits Analysis Specialty Group (EBASG) of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA). The purpose of the group is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge among practitioners, researchers, scholars, teachers, and others interested in risk analysis and economics, to encourage collaborative research on risk analysis and economics, and to provide leadership and play an active role in advancing issues related to risk analysis and economics.

II. Members of the EBASG

Members shall consist of all people with an interest in risk analysis and economics who indicate a desire to be members by submitting their names to the Secretary/Treasurer or the Secretariat and who pay the annual dues to the Society for Risk Analysis. It is the option of the Executive Committee to request dues for membership to the EBASG.

III. Meetings of Members

Annual meetings of the EBASG will be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis. Announcements of the annual meetings will be included in the printed program of the Society.

IV. Government of the EBASG

A. Four officers will form the Executive Committee and govern the EBASG. The Executive Committee consists of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary/Treasurer, and the immediate Past Chair. The duties of these officers are as follows.

Chair: Chair an annual EBASG meeting at the annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis, work with SRA officials to organize EBASG meetings or panels, coordinate and encourage the development of symposia for the annual meeting, and take other actions that are in the interest of the EBASG.

Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair serves as the Chair-elect and may stand in for the Chair at a meeting should the Chair be unavailable.

Secretary/Treasurer: Maintain a record of actions of the EBASG’s officers and the meeting, working as appropriate with the SRA Secretariat, maintain the financial records of the EBASG, and communicate relevant information to the EBASG membership.

B. EBASG Executive Committee: Fill vacancies in any office, including its own membership until the next election; nominate candidates for officer positions and solicit nominations from the membership, propose amendments to these Bylaws or receive petitions for changes in the Bylaws; make decisions and recommendations for any other business of the EBASG; encourage and promote the advancement of issues related to risk analysis and economics; establish liaisons where appropriate with other societies and groups engaged in similar or related activities; and interpret these Bylaws. Liaisons with other societies or groups will be members of the EBASG Executive Committee or appointees of the Executive Committee. The immediate past officers serve the EBASG Executive Committee in an advisory capacity as councilors, as requested by the current officers.

C. The election of officers shall be by mail (or email) ballot prior to the EBASG meeting at the annual meeting, with the elected officers taking office at the conclusion of the EBASG meeting. The election of officers shall proceed as follows:

1. Prior to the annual EBASG meeting, the Executive Committee shall ask EBASG members for nominations through the RISK Newsletter, Preliminary Annual Program, a mailing, or other means. The Executive Committee shall also inform members to whom they can send their nominations. Any nominee who indicates a willingness to serve if elected shall be added to the ballot. The period for nominations will close 10 days after the sending of the Executive Committee’s request for nominees to members.

2. If no nominations for the position of Vice-Chair are made, the Executive Committee, at its discretion, will (1) appoint one of the officers to this position for a term ending at the next annual business meeting of the EBASG, or (2) create a position of rotational Chair for that year and appoint individual members of the Executive Committee to terms of rotation, each to be specified by the Executive Committee.

3. If no nominations for the position of Secretary/Treasurer are made, the vacant position will be appointed by the Executive Committee (1) from the officers, or (2) if no officer is willing to accept the vacant position, then from the EBASG general membership, for a term ending at the next annual business meeting of the EBASG.

4. At the conclusion of the period for additional nominations, the Executive Committee shall send a ballot to members at least 10 days before the annual EBASG meeting. The results shall be announced at the meeting.

5. Election shall be by confidential ballot. Officers shall be elected by a plurality vote. In the case of a tie, the winner will be chosen by drawing lots.

6. Questions or conflicts regarding any election shall be settled by the Executive Committee, with the Secretary/Treasurer also voting in the case of a tie between the Chair and Vice-Chair.

7. In the event that an officer is unable or unwilling to complete his or her term of office, the Executive Committee may fill the vacancy with an individual of their choosing on an interim basis until the next election, at which time a replacement (possibly the individual selected for the interim) will be elected to fill the remaining term of the officer.

8. The Executive Committee may appoint additional committee members for specific purposes as needed.

D. The terms of office for EBASG officers are:

Chair: 1 year.

Vice-Chair: 1 year, after which she or he automatically succeeds to Chair.

Secretary/Treasurer: 1 year.

Past-Chair: 1 year.

V. Amendments to the Bylaws

Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by the Executive Committee, by a majority vote of the participants at the annual EBASG meeting, or by a petition containing the signatures of 25 percent of EBASG members submitted 30 days prior to the annual EBASG meeting. Amendments to these Bylaws become effective immediately after approval by two-thirds of the members returning their mail (or email) ballots – a mail (or email) ballot will take place at the request of 10 percent of the members at the annual EBASG meeting.

VI. Implementation of these By-Laws

These Bylaws will go into effect when approved by a majority vote of those present at the annual EBASG meeting or immediately after approval of these Bylaws.

Approved: December 2006