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Making Risk Communication More Strategic

Sunday, December 4, 2022 with John C., Sarah Garlick and Anthony Dudo (1PM-5PM)

Building on our recently released book on evidence-based “Strategic Science Communication,” (September 2022, Johns Hopkins University Press) we will ask participants to identify their long-term behavioral goals for risk communication and then help participants think through near-term communication objectives that might help achieve those goals.

We will further help participants consider how they might choose (or update) their communication activities (i.e., tactics) to match their priority objectives and goals. What is unique about this workshop is its emphasis on strategy, rather than tactics, as well as its integration of well-established social science theories of behavior change and trust-building. Our goal is not to teach participants how to write press releases, tell entertaining stories, or design attractive graphics. Our goal is to help participants decide what they want to accomplish in the world and develop evidence-based strategies to accomplish those goals. This could involve putting resources into seeking specific types of media coverage, telling specific stories, and designing specific graphics, but our job is to give you tools to help decide where to put your resources to ensure they have the most effect.

The workshop will combine exercises, discussion, case studies, and brief presentations to ensure that participants can fully engage with the key ideas and build their capacity for more strategic risk communication decision-making.