Workshop Proposal Information

Deadline: June 9, 2024

Educational workshops will be offered on Sunday, December 8 (the day before the regular meeting sessions) and Thursday, December 12 (the day after the regular meeting sessions).  These educational workshops are either ½ day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours), as defined by the organizer.  Proposals for these workshops are evaluated by the SRA Conferences & Workshops Committee, not the Annual Meeting Program Committee.  To be considered for the 2024 Annual Meeting, workshop proposals must include a syllabus and a budget and must be submitted via the SRA website. The deadline for organizers to submit their 2024 workshop proposals is June 9, 2024.  The set of workshops proposed for the 2024 Annual Meeting will be identified on the SRA website in summer 2024.  Note that students and young professionals can register for an educational workshop for only $35, when registering online by October 1.  We encourage proposals for Workshops aimed at improving the foundations and/or practice of risk analysis (Risk analysis fundamentals, Risk assessment, Risk perception and communication, Risk management and governance, or solving real risk problems and issues). Additional important information: These workshops are proposed by organizers as a service to the Society. For a workshop to be offered, it must first meet the criteria, and further, it must achieve a minimum number of registrants by a specific date before the Annual Meeting (to assure SRA does not incur a loss by offering that workshop).  For this reason, when registering for a proposed workshop (via the online registration form, which will be available on the SRA website in summer 2024), each registrant will be asked to identify their alternate selection(s) from among the set of workshops proposed.  Workshops that do not meet their minimum number of registrants by November 1 will not be selected for the 2024 Annual Meeting Program, and those who registered for that workshop will be offered an alternate selection. (Thus, anyone particularly interested in a certain workshop is encouraged to invite others to register for that workshop, to help assure it meets its registrant threshold and is thus selected for the 2024 Annual Meeting Program.)

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