SRA Regional Organization Mission Statement

The mission of a regional organization is to:

  1. Provide a public forum for the discussion of risk analysis and risk management issues at local and regional as well as national levels;
  2. Foster the advancement and understanding of new methodologies and technology in the practice of risk analysis;
  3. Serve as a resource for the local scientific, regulatory, and industrial/municipal community;
  4. Represent the interests and goals of SRA in a regional setting;
  5. Enhance communication between the national organization and its membership; and
  6. Develop membership within the SRA at a local or regional level.

Regional organizations may approach this mission in a variety of ways. The following activities are encouraged:

  1. The regional organization should schedule, manage, and publicize periodic meetings. The frequency of meetings should be dependent upon the level of local interest. At least two meetings a year (and preferably more) in addition to the annual meeting is considered a minimum in order to foster a continuing spirit of exchange. Consideration should be given to the location(s) of meetings so that the membership within the regional organization has an opportunity to attend. This might involve rotating the meeting locations.
  2. The regional organization should develop communication tools (mailing, newsletters, email) for announcing events and local news.
  3. The regional organization should maintain a mailing list with notation of dues-paying members.
  4. The regional organization should encourage all its members to become members of the national organization and to receive the newsletter, meeting announcements, and journal.
  5. The regional organization should regularly advise the national office of its activities. This includes the preparation of periodic news pieces for the Risk Newsletter.
  6. The regional organization president, or a designated representative, should make an effort to attend the annual national meeting. Regional organization should discuss possible travel support to the national meeting for a regional organization representative.
  7. The regional organizations should contact the SRA Regional Organization Liaison or the Secretariat as needed for assistance on (a) monetary issues, (b) ideas on setting up workshops or poster presentations, (c) obtaining speakers from the national organization, and (d) publicizing events or activities.
  8. The regional organizations should look for opportunities to cooperate with other scientific organizations and professional societies in activities pertaining to risk analysis.