SRA Regional Organization Requirements

Regional organizations of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) must meet the following requirements:

  • Compliance with Section XII of the SRA Bylaws.
  • Officers and Voting Members of the Regional Organization must also be members of the SRA. Regional Organization Bylaws and subsequent amendments must be approved by the SRA Council.
  • Regional Organizations must select their officers through elections, preferably in which each position to be filled is contested.
  • Regional Organizations must report annually to the SRA on activities during the year (ideally, this report is to be filed before the SRA Annual Meeting, which is usually held the first week of December).
  • Regional Organizations must obtain prior approval from the SRA before using the SRA’s name on publications, topical meetings, etc. (exception allowed for recurring administrative R.O. meetings).
  • Regional Organizations are not authorized to speak on behalf of the SRA.
  • Regional Organization activities, obligations, liabilities, and financial operations are not the responsibility of the SRA.
  • Regional Organizations must have at least 20 members.