Virtual Student Poster Symposium

(This Event Has Passed)

The Society for Risk Analysis Research Triangle Regional Organization (SRA-RT RO) will host a virtual student poster symposium on October 22nd, 11AM-12:15PM.

The intention of this symposium is to:
1) Showcase the work of graduate students in the Research Triangle area to other risk scholars.
2) Provide a networking space to meet a diverse group of risk science-related students and professionals.
3) Give the opportunity to practice presentations and receive feedback in a constructive environment (including for the main SRA conference, if attending).

Students will be given a three-minute timeslot to share their screen and walk attendees through main ideas, a 1-2 question Q&A with the audience and a five-minute constructive feedback session with judges. Each student will be given a period of ten total minutes. A panel of three risk professionals will serve as judges. Being a member of SRA is not required.


The top three winners of the poster competition will have a choice of A. Their registration for the annual SRA conference in December 2021 paid for or B. A one-year membership to SRA and SRA-RT RO paid for.

In addition to the live feedback session mentioned above, posters will be judged for their scientific rigor, originality, presentation, and relevance and contribution to the field of risk analysis in accordance with the main SRA conference poster judging format.

The judges will be announced at the beginning of the event.

How to Submit (Submissions are now closed):

1. Graduate students in the Research Triangle area that would like to submit a poster can fill out the abstract submission form.

2. Poster files must be emailed to Peter Byrley, President of SRA-RT RO ( by Wednesday, October 13th. Posters will be temporarily uploaded to this site so that they can be featured during the event.

3. Presenters must also register for the meeting on zoom through this link:

How to Attend Without Presenting:

Please register for the meeting on zoom through this link:


Please contact Peter Byrley, president of SRA-RT RO, at