COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 graphicSRA has compiled a repository of resources related to COVID-19, including journal articles, technical reports, government websites, podcasts and webinars.  This content will be updated frequently throughout the coming weeks.

Core Subjects of Risk Analysis

The Core Subjects of Risk Analysis covers five main topics including fundamentals, risk assessment, risk perception and communication, risk management and governance, and solving real risk problems and issues. This document provides guidance on the subjects to be covered in risk analysis programs and offers a platform to identify specific risk analysis subjects for broad overview courses on risk analysis, as well as for courses and programs on related areas such as safety and security.

Risk Analysis: Fundamental Principles

Fundamental Principles provides authoritative guidance on the fundamental principles to be adopted when conducting risk analysis to obtain high quality and trustworthy risk analysis.

SRA Glossary

Glossary graphicThe Glossary of Risk-Related Terminology offers a unique approach with different perspectives and a systematic separation between overall qualitative concepts and their measurements. The glossary terms are divided into three categories:

  1. Terminology on basic concepts
  2. Terminology on related concepts, methods, procedures
  3. Terminology on risk management actions
Risk Analysis: An International Journal

Journal graphicAll members of SRA receive the Society’s official journal, Risk Analysis, free with their membership. 



SRA Webinar Series

Webinar graphicSRA offers monthly webinars that are open to everyone but only members have access to the recordings of previous webinars at SRA Webinar Series. See the right side of this webpage for a list of upcoming webinars, as they get scheduled.

SRA Podcast Series

Podcast graphicLet’s Talk Risk brings clarity to the world of risk uncertainty and ambiguity through lively conversations with leading voices in Risk Analysis. To download the podcasts click here.

Career Opportunities

The SRA maintains an active, free Career Opportunities service to help employers and employees with an interest in risk find each other.  Click here to post an employment vacancy related to the field of risk analysis.

Speakers Bureau

All regional organizations can access the Speakers Bureau, a program designed to help bring internationally recognized risk experts to participate in regional organizations’ local meetings.

Other Resources
  • A short video introduction about "What is Risk" as seen through the eyes of SRA President Professor Terje Aven.
  • A  video illustrating the Core Subjects document developed by Terje Aven is available here.
  • A discussion paper on the Foundations of Risk Analysis has also been developed. It provides some open-minded reflections on fundamental concepts and principles of our risk analysis field, and is also open to all.  The topics addressed include: Risk analysis and science,  uncertainty in risk analysis,  trustworthiness of risk analysis methods and  results, and the future of risk analysis. 
Teaching Resources (members only)

To facilitate the teaching and learning and of risk analysis, the Education Committee has recently undertaken a project to collect and share risk analysis teaching materials, including syllabi, lecture notes, and reading lists. The collection is being developed and will continue to grow. 

Scientific Journals

This list is a summary of some key journals related to the topic of risk.

Research Institutions

This list is a summary of some institutions undertaking risk research.


This list provides access to some risk-related comics.