Thursday Half-Day Morning Workshops

9. Responsible Communication on Emerging Technologies: A risk Governance Tool

Speaker: Anca Georgiana Rusu

Description: The influence of technology utilization can be moderated through communication, which entails both the method (form) and the content (substance) of the conveyed message. In the context of technology usage, there’s a direct correlation between communication and informed decision-making, as the distribution of information regarding the technology (both in form and substance) enables thorough decision-making.
Given that responsible communication serves as a tool for risk governance, this workshop aims to outline the processes and characteristics of such communication. After a few introductory lectures where the communication regarding a few examples of emergign tehcnologies will be made, participants will be divided into stakeholder groups, and following this, common elements will be identified. These elements will subsequently be utilized by risk governance practitioners.

10. Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities: The new standards from assessment to prediction

Speaker: Fabio Massacci and Sasha Romanosky

Description: The world standard for the assessment of cybersecurity software vulnerabilities (CVSS – Common Vulnerabilities Scoring System) is a pillar for security risk assessment for both government and industry. A new version has been proposed this June after 10 years and we are moving forward from assessment to prediction with a recent follow-up (EPSS – Exploit Prediction Scoring System). This tutorial, from the people behind these works, describes to interested policy makers, managers, researchers and graduate students the high level concepts behind the design of assessment, scoring and prediction of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.