Making an Impact: Contributing to the Policy Process as a Researcher

Wed. 11 October 2023 12:00 pm

Speaker: Dr. David Johnson

Many academic researchers want to see their work incorporated into policy, building codes, or other means of technology transfer, but have many questions about the process. They may be unsure how to get started, what such an experience would look like on a daily basis, or whether pursuing social impact requires sacrificing research productivity. In this webinar, David Johnson (Industrial Engineering and Political Science, Purdue University, USA) will talk about transdisciplinary co-production of methodologies and policies for flood risk management, drawing on his 15 years of experience collaborating directly with state agencies, local levee districts, and private practice firms to support Louisiana’s $50 billion Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast, the Louisiana Water Initiative, and other efforts. David is co-lead of the Master Plan’s Risk Assessment team and develops and runs the flood risk model used by state officials to evaluate the risk impacts of proposed levee/floodwall systems and coastal restoration projects. His research on flood risk assessment is directly motivated by the needs and constraints of planners, with much of it being funded by the State of Louisiana and put immediately into practice.