Upping our game: risk assessment quality

Wed. 1 February 2023 11:00 am

Risk analysis, from identification of a concern to defining strategies or policies to reduce risks, has improved the health, wealth, and security of virtually everyone alive today. Risk analysis is a powerful tool for safeguarding individuals, organizations, and societies. The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) publishes a high-quality scientific journal, as well as providing networks, and offering or supporting education and training initiatives to assure continued improvements in risk analysis science and practice. In this webinar, we explore ways SRA might be able to further foster high quality in risk analysis. The focus will be on protection, not just of direct clients who engage in analysis and risk management, but also of the public that are affected, sometimes greatly, but in ways in which they are seldom aware. Direct clients often include representatives of management or governance who have limited knowledge of the, sometimes subtle, differences between appropriate and inadequate risk analysis. The public, ultimately impacted by the results of risk analyses, are deserving of our commitment to establishing and promoting meaningful and understandable standards for risk analyses quality.