Applied Risk Management Specialty Group
Relevant Scientific Literature

SRA requested that each Specialty Group (SG) identify a set of papers (journal articles or reports) that summarize the state-of-the-art of each SG's area. ARMSG has started to collect these, as that term applies to us. ARMSG is very interested in effective ways to apply risk management methodology to the messy world of real-world risk management; we are focused on decision advice to real-world risk managers in the real world of problematic data, unclear decisions, even less clear consequences, unclear relationships between decisions and outcomes, etc.

Here we provide the first group of relevant literature in our registry. Thank you to everyone who submitted! The Officers of ARMSG agreed that these are initial examples of unique risk management challenges. The list provides the title, abstract, DOI (if available), and open access link to pdf if this is available.

Publications List

We recognize that this is a young process that we are seeking to evolve and grow. Are there three key contributions over each of the last three decades? We intend to build the taxonomy and set of exemplary papers over time and we recognize that ARMSG's interests cut across all the other Specialty Group domains (Dose Response, Ecological Risk Assessment, Emerging Nanoscale Materials, etc.).

We welcome submissions from members of the ARMSG and other SGs. In order to make a submission, please respond based on the Author Submission Guide. As noted in the Guide, the ARMSG will review submissions and update the Reference List of Relevant Scientific Literature three times per year, in February, June, and October.

We also want to note to SRA members that this initiative is linked to our work to develop analysis quality test (AQT) guidelines (more information is forthcoming). We believe there is likely an example paper to be linked to each AQT - Stay Tuned!