Press Releases

Society for Risk Analysis Inducts William Ruckelshaus to the Pantheon of Risk Analysis

Dec. 19, 2019 The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) inducted William Ruckelshaus to the Pantheon of Risk Analysis. The Pantheon, established in 2008, recognizes luminaries and visionaries in risk analysis and serves to illustrate how the field contributes to the advancement of knowledge and public good. Ruckelshaus served as the first Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, […]

Risk Analysis Powers Air Pollution Solutions

Dec. 11, 2019 Air pollution exposure threatens human health both outdoors and when polluted air infiltrates homes, offices, schools and vehicles. Exposure to certain particulate matter can cause respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system issues, especially in vulnerable populations. Several presentations at the 2019 Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Annual Meeting will explore new ways to […]

Social Media Contributes to Increased Perception of Food Technology as Risky Business

Are GMOs Safe? Science says ‘yes,’ the Media says ‘no’ Dec. 11, 2019 When it comes to food technology, the information shared on social media often trumps the facts put out by the scientific community and food experts, leading to the dissemination of disinformation, “fake news” and conspiracy theories. Nowhere is this more evident than […]

Risk Analysis Critical Tool for Combating Human Trafficking

Dec 11, 2019 Each year, more than 40 million men, women and children are trafficked worldwide. It manifests in numerous forms and has grown into a multi-billion-dollar illegal enterprise that is difficult to detect, prosecute and examine. Risk analysis is a critical tool for combating human trafficking and is central to informing global policy recommendations […]

Society for Risk Analysis Announces 2019 Winners for Best Journal Papers and Best Research Posters

Dec. 10, 2019 The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) is pleased to announce the winners for best papers in Risk Analysis: An International Journal and the best research posters for 2019. The editorial staff of Risk Analysis selected the 2019 Best Paper award winners. These papers made the most significant impacts on the theory or practice of risk […]

Twelve Honored by Society for Risk Analysis

Dec. 10, 2019 Today, the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) awarded six prestigious scholarly and service awards and named six new Fellows at its Annual Meeting in Arlington, Virginia. These awards recognize 12 individuals for their outstanding contributions to the society and to the science of risk analysis. The recipients were selected by a committee of […]

Society for Risk Analysis Announces Its New 2020 Council

Dec. 10, 2019 During its Annual Meeting, the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) announced the addition of five new Council members and the rise of Seth Guikema, Ph.D., University of Michigan, as the new President of its 2020 Council. Guikema succeeds Katherine McComas, Ph.D., Cornell University, who has completed her term and will continue to […]

Reducing Wildfire Risks for Better Management and Resource Allocation

Dec. 10, 2019 Difficult to contain, wildfires consume everything in their path and wreak havoc on human and animal lives, homes and landscapes. From 1995 to 2015, wildfire management has cost the U.S. $21 billion. Over the past 10 years, the National Interagency Fire Center reports that there were 1.4 million fires with an average […]

Natural Toxins in the Global Food Supply Continue to Threaten the Health of Underprivileged Communities

Dec. 9, 2019 Naturally occurring chemicals in the global food supply are known to pose a burden on worldwide health. New studies have found that a certain foodborne toxin, in addition to its known health effects, is also linked to vaccine resistance, and for the first time the global burden of disease from foodborne arsenic, […]


June 25, 2019 The Society for Risk Analysis – Europe (SRA-E) awarded three prestigious scholarships at its Annual Conference in Potsdam, Germany. These awards recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to the study and science of risk analysis. This year’s awardees include: Gavin D. Brown, BSc, MSc, a Ph.D. scholar and assistant professor of business and […]