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SRA-Africa is non-profit professional organization bringing together risk scientists from and interested in Africa to address health and environmental problems, along with financial and economic risks. Our members are from academia and the public and private sectors, and include researchers, practitioners, policymakers and related stakeholders.

We build a professional network through regional groups, social media, and conferences to share experiences and learn from each other. SRA-Africa is a fundamental component of risk reduction-related capacity building in Africa, and is a regional organization of the Society for Risk Analysis.

Goals of SRA Africa

  • Career development/networking opportunities
  • Regional meetings, seminars, and conferences
  • Professional development via on-line learning and webinars
  • Strong support systems
  • Resources for risk analysts and risk assessors
  • Discounted or free publications
  • Pooling expertise to solve basic and complex health and environmental problems
  • Assisting with educating regulators and the public
  • Planning a safer future in Africa
  • Codifying knowledge and experience into solid future plans
  • Providing advocacy, policy and legislative development

History of SRA Africa

The African Chapter of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA-Africa) was inaugurated in May 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa, after more than ten years of hard work and devotion. Our Constitution and By-Laws were finalized in September 2018. As African professionals, we had long wished for our own tools and capacities to conduct effective and transparent risk assessments and analyses and implement sound, fair, and effective risk management procedures.