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Occupational Health and Safety


What: SRA Annual Meeting 2023

When: December 10-14, 2023

Where: Rennaissance Washington

Washington, D.C.

Call for abstracts

Abstracts will be requested in the Spring and will be due sometime in June 2023. More specific details will follow. To begin thinking about what you might want to submit for 2023, in December 2022, in Tampa, the OHSSG sponsored two events:

  1. A symposium of four presentations that addressed stress and cumulative risk.
  2. A roundtable that addressed corporate “Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)” issues as they relate to occupational safety and health.

In 2021, there was a “virtual” meeting at which OHSSG sponsored:

  1. A symposium on “Thresholds in the Real World”
  2. A symposium on “Addressing Community and Worker Health”
  3. Resources for Risk Assessment
  4. Understanding Community Vulnerability.

We hope you will all consider some interesting cross-cutting topics for the 2023 SRA Annual Meeting!