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About the Society for Risk Analysis Japan Section

In recent decades, Japan has transformed itself from a technology-based to an information-based society while at the same time expanding its economy. Science and technology have provided the basis for these changes, but they also pose various risks that come with the development and application of new technologies. As a result, scientists, the public, and society in general have become increasingly concerned about the assessment and management of those risks. The Society for Risk Analysis, Japan (SRA-Japan) was formed to address these issues in Japan.


The Society for Risk Analysis, our parent body, was established in 1980 by a group of individuals in various disciplines involved in issues relating to risk. Its aim was to provide an open forum on risk analysis, and activities originally centered on the United States. 
In 1986, 12 European countries formed SRA-Europe and realized one of the society's original objectives of providing the foundations for international exchanges involving risk studies.

In Japan, the natural sciences, social sciences, medicine, engineering, and other disciplines have traditionally addressed various risk-related topics, such as disasters, disease, sanitation, safety, and environmental pollution. But as industrial technologies advance, there is a 
growing need for interdisciplinary and international perspectives in the study of risk analysis and risk management.


SRA-Japan was established to promote mutual understanding and multi-disciplinary cooperation on risk studies, and to support international exchanges in this field. We welcome scientists from many disciplines to support our activities.