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Economics and Benefits Analysis

News & Updates

Important Updates!

Thank you for being a member of the Economics and Benefits Analysis Specialty Group of the Society for Risk Analysis! We have several important updates for you.

New EBASG Executive Committee 2023: It is our pleasure to announce, Unal Tatar from SUNY at Albany as Chair, Ernani Choma from Harvard University as Vice-Chair, and Omer Keskin from SUNY at Albany as
Secretary/Treasurer. They join Lizzi Quin from FDA as Immediate Past Chair and Aliya Sassi from FDA as Past-Chair.
Feel free to contact any of us with your ideas, questions, suggestions, or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

Coffee Hour: EBASG Committee is hosting a webinar on EBASG Planning for 2023 on February 23 rd at noon Eastern Time. Please follow this link to join the meeting (Meeting ID: 840 9574 8267 Passcode: 117000)
All SRA members are welcome to join this virtual coffee hour. If you have questions, please email Unal Tatar at utatar@albany.edu

Congratulations to EBASG members Adam Rose and Robin Cantor on receiving SRA 2022 Awards and
ICYMI, EBASG member Adam Rose has been selected an SRA Fellow. Here is a brief video of his acceptance speech. Adam has demonstrated substantial achievement in science and public policy relating to economics of risk and resiliency analysis in addition to substantial service to the Society. His contribution to this field has been and continues to be invaluable!
EBASG member Robin Cantor has received last year’s Outstanding Practitioner Award. Here is a brief video of her acceptance speech. Robin exemplifies risk analysis through her longstanding and distinguished career and sustained active engagement in SRA. Her contribution to the Society for Risk Analysis has been and continues to be invaluable!
Please join us in congratulating Adam and Robin!

Society for Benefit Cost Analysis 2023 Annual Conference: We hope you join us for the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis annual conference, which will be held on March 9-10 in person at the George Washington University, Washington, DC, and March 13-14 online. The in-person meetings will feature three distinguished plenary sessions with Sherry Glied, Christian Gollier, and James Heckman. The program includes an exciting mix of research
presentations, roundtable discussions, and innovative sessions as well as opportunities for networking. Additional information can be found here.

Webinar: Managing Physical and Economic Risk for Systems with Multidirectional Network Interdependencies: SRA hosts a webinar on Thursday, March 13rd, 2023 at 12PM ET. In this webinar, SRA-EBASG chair Unal Tatar will be joined by SRA members Joost Santos and Shital Thekdi to discuss the risks of multidirectional networks. Critical infrastructure networks, such as transportation and supply chains, are becoming increasingly interdependent. As the operability of network nodes relies on the operability of connected nodes, network disruptions have the potential to spread across entire networks, having catastrophic consequences in the realms of physical network performance and also economic performance. While risk-informed physical network models and economic models
have been well-studied in the literature, there is limited study of how physical features of network performance interact with sector-specific economic performance, particularly as these physical networks recover from disruptions of varying durations. In this webinar, we demonstrate the framework using disruptive scenarios for a critical transportation network in Virginia, USA. The relevant Risk Analysis article can be found here, and the registration can be made here.