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Risk Communication

Current Officers

The RCSG Executive Committee is comprised of a diverse array of talented individuals in the academic, government, and private sectors. Elections for new committee positions are held, when necessary, at the RCSG mixer at the SRA annual meeting in December.

A list of current Executive Committee members is provided below, including their affiliation, email and position within the RCSG. Note: New members were elected at the most recent annual meeting.



Shupei Yuan syuan@niu.edu

Northern Illinois University

Chair Elect:

Sara Yeo sara.yeo@utah.edu

University of Utah


Chris Chu chu.h@ufl.edu

University of Florid


Adam Zwickle  zwicklea@msu.edu

Michigan State University

Student Representative:

Prerna Shah pshah23@buffalo.edu

University at Buffalo


Laura Rickard laura.rickard@maine.edu

University of Maine


Andy King andy.king@utah.edu

University of Utah