Piper Baine

The Society for Risk Analysis Launches African Chapter

May 6, 2019 The Society for Risk Analysis International (SRA) recently announced the launch of a new regional chapter – SRA Africa. This new regional organization brings together risk practitioners from Africa, as well as those interested in addressing the health and environmental issues facing the continent. Members of the chapter include academia, researchers, practitioners, […]


January 4, 2016 During its Annual Meeting, the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) announced the addition of three new Council members and the rise of Margaret MacDonell, PhD of Argonne National Laboratories, as the new President of its 2017 Council. MacDonell succeeds James H. Lambert, PhD of the University of Virginia who has completed his term […]

How does the Precision Medicine Initiative Affect Me?

Nov. 13, 2018 As the All of Us initiative (previously known as the Precision Medicine Initiative) and the collection of DNA sequences of one million Americans begins this year, with at least 65,000 people already enrolled in the program, health care is transitioning from population-based approaches to individualized health care that focuses on the genetic […]

Society for Risk Analysis Inducts Kenneth Arrow to the Pantheon of Risk Analysis

July 19, 2017 The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) inducted Kenneth Arrow to the Pantheon of Risk Analysis. The Pantheon recognizes luminaries and visionaries in risk analysis and serves to illustrate how the field contributes to the advancement of knowledge and public good. Kenneth Arrow was a Nobel prize-winning economist and leader in the field of […]

Municipal Wastewater Holds the Key to Tracking Opioid Intervention Initiatives

Nov. 16, 2018 In 2016, opioids were the primary cause of more than 42,000 deaths in the U.S. Controlled substances (opioids and other drugs, such as marijuana) pose a threat to both human and environmental health. With the crisis showing no signs of slowing down, officials across the country are scrambling to implement effective intervention […]

Being Employed Puts Your Health at Risk

Nov. 16, 2018 The modern workplace has undergone a transformation as workers move away from traditional industrial sectors, such as agriculture and manufacturing, into the service sector. This has resulted in the incorporation of new occupational risk factors. Regardless of the environment, work provides a unique opportunity for exposure to hazards and risk that the […]

Society for Risk Analysis Explores Decision Making Strategies Regarding U.S. National Security

Nov. 30, 2017 What causes public officials to make the decisions they do? Behavioral public choice theory sheds light on the psychological factors and behavioral issues that affect our decision-making.  As world leaders confront old and new global security problems, they can use this understanding to face problems while also taking into account cognitive and […]

The Irrational but Predictable Consumer: Decision Making Based on Feelings Rather Than Facts

Nov. 16, 2018 Risk and benefit perceptions are crucial to people’s acceptance of a particular technology and therefore their willingness to become a consumer. It has been suggested that, due to resource restraints, consumers’ perceptions are frequently formed based on heuristics and biases, or other factors such as trust or affect. While some consumer behaviors […]

Risk Analysis Critical Tool for Combating Human Trafficking

Dec 11, 2019 Each year, more than 40 million men, women and children are trafficked worldwide. It manifests in numerous forms and has grown into a multi-billion-dollar illegal enterprise that is difficult to detect, prosecute and examine. Risk analysis is a critical tool for combating human trafficking and is central to informing global policy recommendations […]

Society for Risk Analysis to Discuss Issues Paramount to the Foundation of the Science of Risk

Dec. 14, 2017 The field of risk analysis is not limited to just academia and practitioners. The insights risk analysis provides should be of interest to decision makers, bureaucrats, journalists and policymakers. As a discipline, risk analysis touches on many other fields of study and its researchers and analysts practice in a variety of fields, […]